China Works: Observations

From Dec. 2010 until Feb. 2011 I was a guest artist at the China Guanlan Original Printmaking Base. While there I completed 6 editioned works and 21 collagraph/monoprints. These are those works.

Works include:

“In the Light”, collagraph/monoprint, 30×20”

“Hong Kong Fireworks”, collagraph/monoprint, 30×20”

“Under the Shadow”, collagraph/monoprint, 30×20”

“Water’s Edge”, collagraph/monoprint, 30×20”

“Downriver”, collagraph/monoprint, 15×20”

“Spring Festival”, collagraph/monoprint,20×15”

“The Collective”, collagraph/monoprint, 20×15”

“Window”, collagraph/monoprint, 16×20”

“Breaking Through”, collagraph/monoprint, 20×15”

“Rush Hour”, collagraph/monoprint, 15×20”