Caught in the Middle

My father, Dale Edward Kaulitz ( 10/20/13 – 7/20/77 ) became a shadow figure when I was about 5 when he and my mother were divorced. My son Guerin Damon Kaulitz (11/28/67 – 8/4/96) became a shadow figure when he was almost 4 when his mother and I divorced. They became shadow figures, like myself, because of parental animosity, alcohol, distance and life style. My father and son only met once in the summer of 1976, yet my son inherited what came to me from my father and became much like his grandfather……..….the sins of fathers become the burdens of their sons.

I remember my father as pieces of a person; cook, alcoholic, recovered alcoholic, storyteller. Except for the stories (by and about him), and memories of infrequent visits growing up I know little of him, yet he is the most important male influence in my life.

I remember my son as a child and after that, only brief and broken images of a person I loved very much but knew little of. He learned well what I learned from my father –to hold yourself close, show only what you need and try to do it on your own.

This exhibit is about my search for them.